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Welcome - Do you want to learn about Keeping the Biblical Feast and Knowing the Appointed times?

If you do then this is a place for you,If you don’t know what that means and would like to learn more about following our creators calendar then Welcome we trust and pray you will be blessed

My suggestion to you is join us on a live study on the zoom platform we meet every week once on Friday night and once on Sabbath. its free and registering is easy 

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The Journey of Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar Part 1​

The Journey of Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar Part 2

Covenant Torah Calendar Study Members are continually looking for ways to bring more clarity into the body of Melchizedek Yahusha – Messiah.
(Jesus our Messiah) This site is for seekers of Biblical truth – if you don’t read the bible most of this site will not mean anything to you.  

Our recommendation is to at least  read Genesis to Deuteronomy while doing these studies 

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Who is the Bride - Will She be Ready for the Special Date when the Groom Returns.

Covenant Calendar Club

As Repairers of the Breach in the physical universe about us, the work of the set-apart ones is partly that of calendar restoration as a tool to lead people into Covenant with our Messiah. This is a prime goal of the Torah Calendar Study.

Be very careful what you believe, test everything does it hold up with the Torah as there are many false calendars about. We will expose the deception of many false calendars and invite you to study with us.

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